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Vice President of Compliance, ENPRIA, Inc

Victoria has over 23 years experience in the Information Technology industry. She specializes in Database Architecture, Administration, Data Warehousing, Training, and Mentoring. Formerly one of Oracle Corporation’s top Education trainers, Victoria excels in teaching and working with diverse groups to master complex procedure-based processes by applying leading edge technologies. Victoria managed a variety of successful international data warehousing projects and speaks regularly at industry forums such as Oracle Open World. She is currently Enpria’s Compliance Practice Manager, responsible for both the conceptual integrity of Enpria’s IP and quality of deliverables.

Happy Halloween (2)!!

If you complete and submit the create new account (link is on the menu), we can provide you with a log in, which would give you the ability to post to the DC2006 Web site.

Happy Halloween!!

And the Call for Papers is only open for 2 more weeks!

Share your knowledge or project lessons learned. Your participation in Desktop Conference 2006 is important. 

What About You?

Since the Call for Papers opened, we've received numerous submissions. Many of them are from consultants and companies that provide third party software. While we value the participation of consulting experts and vendors, it's important also to hear from our user community. You, the users of all this software and who must work with it "day in and day out," are really what this conference is about -- users talking, sharing, and networking with other users.

Perhaps you're saying to yourself, "I don't know enough to present;" or "My company isn't really doing anything that is terribly unique;" or "I have no idea how to give a presentation."

Call For Papers!

The Call for Papers for DC2006 has opened. I'm looking forward to seeing the abstract submissions. Last year we had really terrific presenters with some great topics. I'm betting that this Desktop Conference will be filled with timely content as well. Faun