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Net2Phone, WebEx To Create Integrated Web-Based Voice And Data Communications ServicesWebEx and Net2Phone have formed a strategic alliance to integrate the two Web-based communications services into each other's offerings. The integrated services will allow users to instantly share applications, presentations, documents, and browsers in real time with integrated voice technology from a PC or phone. As part of the arrangement, Net2Phone has also made an equity investment in WebEx, following on the heels of Oracle's recent investment in WebEx. Under the agreement, Net2Phone will be a key strategic partner for voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephony, allowing multiple users to hold conference calls using Net2Phone's high quality VoIP technology. Net2Phone's unified messaging application will be integrated into WebEx's Web-meeting environment, allowing Web Ex users to have one universal "inbox" both on the Web and telephone to access voice mail, e-mail, and faxes.

Additionally, Net2Phone will add a button to its software enabling users to utilize WebEx's real-time data collaboration services. By clicking on the button, Net2Phones users will be able instantly start a WebEx meeting where they can review, create, and share documents, presentations, and applications with integrated IP video over the Web.

I-Link has announced support of the Linux operating system. Companies that program to the Linux OS can now gain access to I-Link's IP platform and create customized communications services. Using GateLink, I-Link's open-API programming platform for enhanced IP communications, programmers can develop new Linux-based applications that run over I-Link's nationwide IP network. Typical development time for enhanced services takes months. With GateLink, development time for Linux and other operating systems cuts to just days. By adding Linux OS support to GateLink, I-Link is bringing the power of IP services to any organization without placing constraints based on existing software or operating systems. The rapidly growing Linux market also provides a burgeoning new audience for I-Link's communication services. As a result, advanced Internet communication services can now reach a wider audience.

The GateLink API provides an interface to control all I-Link national network resources such as its patented conferencing, text-to-speech, and voice technologies, as well as voice and fax store and forward capabilities.



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